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Amr Diab launches Masry Begad campaign

  • Monday, 30 December 2013 19:27

Today is the launch of Masry Begad campaign and program. Amr Diab attended the launch and discussed with some of Diab FM team some of the guidlines and every one shared by new ideas which can help in rebuilding Egypt. Some of Diab FM team started the soft launch by donating blood at the Vacsera in Mohandeseen. Masry Begad campaign invites all Amr Diab's fans to participate in Masry Begad weekly campaigns; every Friday. So, if you have any idea which you would like to share with Diab FM team, send it on and you can be hosted in Diab FM studio to further discuss your idea. So, listen TODAY to the first episode of Masry Begad program from 8:00pm to 9:30pm C.L.T.